JHC in the News!
Over a six month period, the Santa Cruz Sentinel followed the Johnson family as they remodeled their Pleasure Point home (Johnson 1 on the photos page) using James Hartje Construction as their contractor.
Excerpt from the beginning of the article:
“Have you ever considered remodeling your home? I mean, actually taking the plunge to renovate, redesign, re-orient and just re-do.
Remodeling is often a very overwhelming idea, and the mere thought of how to tackle the project can seem incomprehensible.
Where do you start? How large or small should the project be? How much is a reasonable budget? What if you run out of money or ideas before the project is completed? What if your contractor quits the job before it is finished? Should your project be clearly for re-sell value or for your family to enjoy right now?
All these thoughts and more can run through the mind of someone considering a remodel.
Over the next couple months, I will be following the Johnson remodel including the hiring of a contractor, defining the project, work in progress, the budget and any challenges that may come up.”  
--Jennifer Barley, Santa Cruz Sentinel, January 20, 2005.
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