“I can't say enough about how happy we are with your work. Perhaps the most telling thing is that we both felt a little regret when you announced that the job was over. It has been a fun experience for us all the way. Please feel free to use us as a reference if you ever have the need. And if Sunset Magazine or Architectural Digest contact you for an article don't be surprised.”
--Rick Whitten (April, 2007)
The following photos and quotes are from past completed jobs.  Many of the names on the reference list have pictures of their completed projects below.
Johnson 1 Complete
Johnson 1 Kitchen Complete
Johnson 2 Before
Johnson 2 Complete
Johnson 2 Complete
Lewis Complete
Martin Complete
Dozier Kitchen Complete
Gallus Kitchen Complete
McCahan Before
McCahan Complete
McCahan Bathroom Complete
McCahan Kitchen Complete
Murdaca Complete
Murdaca Kitchen Complete
Salyer Complete
Salyer Complete Master Bath
Salyer Complete Kitchen
Salyer Complete Gallery
Welch Before
Welch Complete
Welch Backyard Complete
Whitten Living Room Before
Whitten Living and Kitchen Complete
Whitten Deck Complete
White Bathroom
White Bathroom
White Bathroom
White Bathroom
Hepner Complete
Hepner Complete
Hepner Complete
Hepner Complete
Witmer Before
Witmer Complete
Witmer Complete
Witmer Complete
Witmer Complete
Witmer Complete
Troedson Before
Troedson Complete
Troedson Complete
Spinelli Exterior
Spinelli Kitchen
Crete Entry
Crete Exterior
Crete Patio
Crete Kitchen
Crete Stairs
Crete Hall
Schrader Exterior
Schrader Deck
Schrader Dining
Schrader Hall
Schrader Bath
Lemieux Exterior
Lemieux Patio
Lemieux Dining/Kitchen
Lemieux Living Room
Lemieux Kitchen
Lemieux Kitchen
Lemieux M. Bath
Lemieux M. Bedroom
Davis Exterior
Davis Exterior
Davis Exterior
Davis Living
Davis Kitchen
Davis Kitchen
Davis Bath
Davis Bath
“We Appreciate your fine workmanship, professional, manner and timely performance.  The courtesy extended by you and your crew to (my wife) and I is much appreciated.  Please add our names to your list of satisfied clients.  We will be more than happy to refer you to anyone contemplating a building project.”
--McCahan (June, 1999)
Check out the Santa Cruz Sentinel 4 part series that was written about the Johnson 1 job by going to the JHC in the News! page of this website.
“It was truly a pleasure to work with you day after day.  Your crew was responsive and always very professional.  Your patience with change orders, respect for our opinions, attention to detail, and gentle reminders to keep us on track were much appreciated.  You made the whole experience a fun project and we can’t thank you enough.  We would warmly welcome the chance to work with you again in the future.”
--Mark & Sandy Lewis (September, 2002)
Working with James Hartje Construction has been a fantastic experience! The integrity, organization, attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and spirit of partnership from Jim and all members of his team are outstanding. They are a group of highly skilled and experienced builders who take pride in their work and in the end results provided to their customers. So much more goes into a home building project than most realize. Jim’s personal commitment to quality, efficiency, schedule, and cost effectiveness bring an incredible amount of value to the project.
Put simply…Jim never disappoints! That’s why we’ve worked with him on two separate remodel projects over the years and are happy to recommend him to anyone interested in a high quality building experience.
                                                                                            --Paul & Cheryl Johnson (June, 2007)
“We are so happy with the results of our bathroom, house, and garage remodel.
It was a pleasure to get to know your very talented and hard working carpenters. They did a fantastic job.  Your employees and subcontractors are customer focused and went out of their way to accommodate our needs.  We truly appreciate all your efforts in managing the details and making sure that everything was addressed and completed in a timely manner.  
We look forward to engaging your construction services in the future.”
                                                            --Bob and Bonda White (September, 2008)
James Hartje Construction completed a major remodel of our master bedroom and bathroom in 2000, and we have recommended this company ever since.  We were extremely impressed with the quality of the work, the timeliness of the finished product, the excellent work habits and positive attitude of the crew, and the good advice we got along the way to help us make difficult decisions.  We recommend without qualification James Hartje Construction for any job, large or small.  Were we to do another remodel or new-home construction, Jim would be the first person we would call.
                                                                                       --Diane Trombetta and Tom Davis
James Hartje Construction remodeled our home over the summer of 2010.  The job included a new bathroom and laundry area, extensive window modifications, and refinishing throughout the house.  We are highly pleased with the results, and we would strongly recommend Jim and his crew for their competence and respect for us and our home.  
As we continued to live on the site for some weeks after the project began, we were delighted with the courtesy and consideration shown us by the workers.  They kept us informed about activities that might cause disruption, and they cleaned up after themselves as things went along.
The job finished on time and within our budget, and this was due to Jim’s impressively careful planning, timing, and accounting.  Even when the inevitable glitches appeared, he was fair and flexible in keeping everything on track.  During the job he could always be reached for consultation and advice.
--Robert Goff and Eleanor Littman (March 2011)                                                                                              
Thanks for all of your work—it’s been a great experience for us and we would both welcome the opportunity to recommend you to others.
                                                                               --Jack and Lisa Troedson (June, 2007)
“After having Jim and his crew complete two previous jobs with the utmost satisfaction, there was no doubt that when we decided to do a total remodel of our home who the job would go to.  With Jim and his crew, the quality of craftsmanship, wisdom of architecture, pride, care, concern, and consideration in all aspects of the project is unmatched by any other.”
--Katy Welch (January, 2008)
Photo Album & Quotes
from Former Clients
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Jim Hartje and his team made the construction of our home an enjoyable project.  While we were well prepared going into the contract, his leadership, the team's quality work and attention to detail were very worthwhile. Jim Hartje and Company always seemed to have the vision of the finished home in their heads. The change orders were handled timely, with supporting documentation, and together they were well thought out.  Quality materials, good workmanship, and timely completion of the home we wanted made it a great year for us.
We highly recommend James Hartje Construction!
                                                            --Bill and Rita Witmer (April, 2009)
James Hartje Construction has remodeled major areas of our home three times since 1992, including living, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and patio/garden areas.
We were completely satisfied with the work of Jim and his crew, which met the highest standards. The projected completion dates of each remodel were fulfilled on every occasion.  
Jim responds immediately and effectively to his client's needs and is very knowledgeable about construction alternatives. His attentiveness, considerateness and good humor make him a pleasure to work with.  
We have no hesitation in recommending his services to any existing or prospective homeowner.
                                                                                                --Ralph and Gunnela Berger
The Crete house is "magnificent."   You have done it again and they are very happy.  I know Robert is the idea man, but nothing happens without the "detail man" and you are it;  I think of you and Robert each time I enter my house and it is always good thoughts;  I see things and still think what a great job the two of you did.  And even more importantly the people I have referred you to have commented on what a great job your work turns out to be. 
--Annette Murdaca
Our new kitchen is gorgeous.  The big windows, high ceiling, sky light, and the extra 3 feet made all the difference in the world.
    The beautiful wood floors are usually the first comment people make as they walk in to the house.  THEN, they see the kitchen.  At that point, their mouths drop open and they don’t utter a word for a few minutes as they take in the dramatic window, the countertops, the Alder cabinets and the appliances.
     What can I say about the media room?  It was a last-minute decision.  Something we would have never thought of without your suggestion. Rich loves it.  We have had so much fun entertaining down there.
     We thank you for helping with decision-making.  We also thank you for making it as cost effective as possible.  You and Robert helped us complete this dream within our budget constraints.  I am looking forward to our next project together.
--Rich and Carole Spinelli (June, 2010)
My wife and I made the decision to re-model our beach house in Aptos several years ago.  The first thing we did was to select an architect who gave us a list of various contractors’ in the area.  We secured several bids, which were all very close in costs, so we asked whom he would recommend.  He of course chose James Hartje Construction.  Jim was gracious enough to personally take us to various homes in the area that he had worked on.
We have been involved with contractors, their employees and subs for over 48 years in the building and re-modeling of our 30 McDonald franchisee’s, one new house, and completely renovated two others.  We have never worked with a better contractor.  You’re pricing, scheduling of work, speed of work, quality of work and follow-up can’t be beat.
--Don & Jean Schrader (November 2010)
Jim Hartje and his team just completed a new Santa Cruz beach house for our family and we are thrilled with the results.  I have been designing and building homes in the Bay Area for twenty years and was doubtful I could find a contractor who would live up to my rather high expectations, but Jim impressed me from the very first meeting with his knowledge, forthright approach, and positive attitude.  His bid was very competitive and throughout the duration of the project he was very diligent about keeping me informed of cost overruns (usually my doing).   It quickly became apparent that communication, both written and verbal, was one of Jim’s strong points and given that I was an out of town client, I greatly appreciated being kept informed.  Dan, the foreman on our project was equally conscientious and a pleasure to work with, as were the sub-contractors who were hired as part of the team.  Without question, I would highly recommend James Hartje Construction.
--Kim Lemieux (January, 2011)